If you own or operate a motor vehicle waste disposal well that receives or has received fluids from vehicle rwca-america.comir or maintenance activities, you should read this section. Some of these wells may be banned or need khổng lồ meet new requirements.

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Motor vehicle waste disposal wells are used by the following types of businesses:

Automotive sầu service stationsNew & used oto dealersAukhổng lồ body shopsMuffler rwca-america.comir shopsTruông chồng stopsBoat yardsVehicle rwca-america.comir home page businessesTransmission rwca-america.comir shopsCar and truchồng rental agenciesLight airplane maintenance facilitiesFarm machinery dealersRailroad maintenance facilities

What is a motor vehicle waste disposal well?

A motor vehicle waste disposal well is a shallow disposal system that receives fluids from vehicle rwca-america.comir or maintenance activities in the types of shops listed above sầu. Motor vehicle waste disposal wells are regulated as Class V injection wells.

Typical motor vehicle waste disposal wells are floor drains or sinks in service bays that connect to lớn a septic system or dry well. However, any underground system that receives motor vehicle waste is considered lớn be a motor vehicle waste disposal well. For example, cesspools, catchbasins, và sink holes are considered motor vehicle waste disposal wells if they receive sầu motor vehicle waste.

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What is motor vehicle waste và why are these wells regulated?

During normal vehicle rwca-america.comir & maintenance, fluids such as engine oil or solvents may drip or spill into floor drains or sinks in service areas. Motor vehicle wastes include:

Engine oilTransmission fluidnguồn steering fluidBrake fluidAntifreezeSolventsDegreasers

If you dispose of these fluids through a motor vehicle waste disposal well, they may contaminate ground water. Therefore, wca-america.com regulates these wells to lớn prevent ground water contamination in certain areas.

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How do I know if I have a motor vehicle waste disposal well?

Answer the following questions khổng lồ determine if you have a motor vehicle waste disposal well.Questions:If Your Answer is Yes...If Your Anwer is No...
1. Does your facility service motor vehicles?Examples: cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, powerboats, all terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, farm tractors, construction machineries, trains, helicopters, airplanes, jet skis, and other motorized vehicles.Go to question 2.You are not affected by the rule. Stop here.
2. Does your facility have floor drains or sinks in the vehicle service areas?Go to question 3.You are not affected by the rule. Stop here.
3. Are all of your floor drains and sinks connected to lớn a municipal sewer? (see note below)You are not affected by the rule. Stop here.Go to lớn question 4.
4. Are all of your floor drains và sinks connected khổng lồ a holding tank, and is the waste in the holding tank disposed of off-site?(see note below)You are not affected by the rule. Stop here. (However, you may be subject khổng lồ other state or federal disposal requirements.)Go khổng lồ question 5.
5. Are you discharging all of your motor vehicle service wastewater directly to surface waters or onto land? (see note below)You are not affected by the rule. Stop here. (However, you may be subject to lớn other state or federal disposal requirements.)You may be disposing of motor vehicle service wastewater into lớn a shallow disposal system such as a septic system or drywell & thus have a motor vehicle waste disposal well.

Note: Any plans for your building that show wastewater flow may not necessarily reflect the actual construction of your wastewater system. They also may not include renovations made after your cửa hàng was built. Your local health dwca-america.comrtment or a plumber using dye or smoke tests may be able to lớn help you determine where your drain goes.

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What are the requirements for motor vehicle waste disposal wells?

Motor vehicle waste disposal wells are banned in the following cases:

Nationwide if the well was constructed after April 5, 2000They are in ground water protection areas. Ground water protection areas are areas near public water systems that provide ground water used for drinkingThey are in other sensitive sầu ground water areas. Other sensitive sầu ground water areas are those areas outside of ground water protection areas that need protection from motor vehicle waste disposal wellsThroughout states that have sầu opted lớn entirely ban motor vehicle waste disposal wells

Check with your permitting authority lớn find out if your motor vehicle waste disposal well is in a ground water protection or other sensitive ground water area (or lớn find out if wells are banned statewide). The permitting authority may also notify you directly that you are in one of these areas.

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Are there other options besides closing my motor vehicle waste disposal well?

Some states may waive the ban and allow you to lớn continue using the well if you apply for and receive sầu a permit. If you are granted a waiver, you must follow the procedures outlined in your permit. At a minimum, permits require the following.

Waste fluids must meet drinking water standards called Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs) at the point of injection. This means that cửa hàng wastewater, before it is discharged into the ground, must not exceed any MCL.You implement the best management practices described in your permit to lớn minimize the amount of contaminants in your shop wastewater.You monitor the wastewater being discharged into lớn the ground & sludge to ensure continued compliance with MCLs, as required by your permit. This requirement may mean taking a sample of the wastewater once a year (or as specified in the permit) & sending it to lớn a laboratory for analysis.

If your wastewater does not meet drinking water standards, you have sầu two options:

Install “pretreatment equipment” that treats the wastewater before it goes lớn the drainCthua thảm the well according lớn the permitting authority’s directions

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What are the requirements for closing a motor vehicle waste disposal well?

If you must cthua thảm your well, you must vì so in a way that prevents contamination of ground water. Liên hệ your permitting authority to lớn find out if there are any additional requirements you must meet. In closing your well, take these steps.

Write to lớn your permitting authority at least 30 days before you cđại bại the well.Ask what information you must provide.You may be asked to lớn fill out a pre-closure notification form or inventory size or write a letter saying that you plan to cthua thảm the well.

Permanently plug or otherwise cchiến bại the well in a way that is approved by the permitting authority và that ensures ground water is protected.

Dispose of or manage any soil, gravel, sludge, liquids, or other materials removed from your well or the area around the well according to lớn all federal, state và local requirements. Your permitting authority should have sầu information about specific requirements in your state.

Your permitting authority may have additional requirements for well closure. Before closing your well, contact the authority for guidance. It is your responsibility lớn find out what the requirements are.

Example: If your floor drains are connected lớn your septic system, you may be required lớn clean out the drains & the pipes running to the septic tank và seal them off using cement. You may also need to have a licensed or certified septic service check the contents of your septic tank lớn see if there is any contaminated sludge. You may be required to lớn sample surrounding soils và ground water to ensure there is no contamination. After this is done, the septic system can be used for sanitary waste from bathrooms.

reviews & tải về a copy of the pre-closure notification size.

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What is the deadline for complying with the ban or getting a permit?

The deadline for complying with the ban (or obtaining a permit) varies from state lớn state. Liên hệ your permitting authority to lớn find out by when you will need khổng lồ comply.

What vị I bởi vì with the motor vehicle waste after closing my well?

After you close your well, manage your motor vehicle service wastewater with one of the methods below.

Dry shops: Minimize the use of water to lớn clean service bays. Use absorbents & vacuums to pick up spills and drips. Dispose of these materials according khổng lồ state guidelines và regulations. Place all used vehicle fluids in individual containers for proper off-site management.Holding tanks: Store the motor vehicle waste in a service bay wastewater holding tank. The tank can be periodically pumped out for proper disposal. You may minimize the amount of wastewater that has lớn be stored by swca-america.comrating shop wastewater from sanitary và vehicle washing wastewater—and by cutting baông chồng on the amount of water used in your shop.Sanitary sewer hookups: Liên hệ the local sewer authority about the possibility of connecting floor drains khổng lồ the sewer system. Often, system hook-up may be available even though it was not an option when the service bays were built. Sewer hookups can be expensive, however. If connecting lớn a sanitary sewer will take time khổng lồ complete, you may be able to extkết thúc the deadline for closing your well for up to lớn one year. However, you must get special permission khổng lồ vày this, and you probably will need a temporary operating permit.

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Conversion: In some cases, you may be allowed to lớn convert a motor vehicle waste disposal well to another type of Class V well. This option requires that all motor vehicle fluids be kept away from drains using physical barriers that prsự kiện the waste from entering the well.

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