an object consisting of a round, hollow part & a handle, used for mixing, serving, and eating food

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(of two people) to lie with their bodies against each other, facing the same direction; lớn lie against someone with your body toàn thân facing in the same direction as theirs:
He further said that he had received three spoons at that time, one of which mysteriously disappeared shortly afterward.
Different actors put their spoons in the soup, none of them having the whole picture or complete information about what the other actors are doing.
The preparation of a meal involves many things - spoons, dishes, glasses, pitchers - & a certain facility in the use of those things.
Eggs for the parental generation were collected by placing spoons filled with 2 ml of medium into lớn bottles with adults from the mass bred population.
All together, as with the greenstone awls, the predominant avian imagery of these motifs strengthens the association of spoons with spinning và weaving.
Cđại bại analysis of the spoons reveals a number of difficulties with the previously suggested functional interpretations.
Other possessions included three silver tankards, eighteen silver spoons and three sweetmeat silver spoons.
There are also problems with the measuring spoons or cups that are provided with most of these machines.
They utilise quite different strategies for synthesising evidence, but there is no attempt to award methodological gold stars or wooden spoons.
Neither of them were reading newspapers or anything, but playing with their spoons và packets of sugar and the tomato-shaped ketchup dispensers.

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Containers are strongly associated with male-rich graves, while perforated spoons found in a few female graves may have sầu been used as strainers in connection with the serving of drink.
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a circular or oval area of ground around which rows of seats are arranged on a steep slope, for watching plays, sports, etc. outside

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