This is one of the comtháng doubts among muốn traders, the difference between port of delivery & port of discharge. Is there any difference between port of discharge & place of delivery? Is port of discharge and place of delivery same?

The column ‘Port of Discharge’ and ‘Place of Delivery’ is same in most of the Transport document. Are there any difference in Port of discharge & place of delivery?

The port of discharge & place of delivery is commonly mentioned in the bill of lading. The term Port of Discharge means, the Port in which the goods are discharged. However, if the port of delivery has been mentioned in the bill of lading, the responsibility khổng lồ deliver goods at place mentioned in Bill of Lading is vested with the carrier of goods.

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Port of discharge can be a destination sea port, where in Place of delivery be at an inlvà location away from port of discharge. If the carrier accepted goods from shipper lớn deliver at a port other than port of discharge, the cost of delivering cargo from port of discharges to lớn the place mentioned to lớn deliver cargo has to lớn be met by the carrier of goods.

If the carrier accepts goods up khổng lồ port of discharge only, the column ‘place of delivery’ or ‘port of delivery’ leave sầu blank, which means the liability of carrier to lớn deliver cargo is only up to port of discharge. Also read - What is Dry Port?

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Dane: On 23 May 2013 Thanks for this article!
Difference Between Port Of Discharge & Delivery: On 18 February 2014 Port Of Discharge is the place where all goods have sầu lớn drop in at least one time. But Port of delivery is different, All goods come to the Port Of Discharge then they are delivered lớn the Port Of Delivery. The difference is clear. All goods come khổng lồ the Port Of Discharge và they are delivered khổng lồ the Port Of Delivery points.
nitheesh kurup : On 13 February năm ngoái I am working in shipping company, when i gone through some shipments, got some doubts regarding Port Of Discharge và Place Of Delivery, the shipment was going to Aden port, Yemen. & i requested the liners to mention Aden port in both the places as Port of Discharge (Aden port- Yemen) / Place of Delivery (Aden Port- Yemen)but they refused khổng lồ mention the same at place of delivery and they kept it blank. if the shipment is going khổng lồ Aden port- Yemen, why can"t they mention it in both the places, awaiting your valuable reply.
anil : On 19 February 2015 I want to import USED DIGITAL MULTIFUNCTION PRINT/PHOTO COPY MACHINE in india Mumbai
AKSHAY KEDAWAT : On 13 August năm 2016 I was going through your trang web from last few days. well I am thankful that your website help alot to enhance my knowledge. Well to lớn the point now. sir I am chartered accountant student and vì have knowledge of all these process và formalities which are been done in case or import và export. but I never performed in pratical. well I am writing this because I want to lớn know where I should I go to to gain practical knowledge of all. và even I want khổng lồ know what port & what position I should apply. as I am kindomain authority confused what lớn or what not. As I am Totally new lớn this.
FENCES n GATES : On 24 April 2017 The Bill of Lading clearly has Mersin as the port of destination & nowhere does it state & I was never advised that the shipment would be offloaded in Istanbul and that customs clearance would need khổng lồ be effected in Istanbul.Mersin is both an international port & CFS in Turkey & the only reason I agreed lớn ship the personal effects of my employee was because the discharge was in Mersin as the consignee is based in Gaziantep which is close to lớn that port và he could personally piông xã up his shipment.What I would lượt thích to lớn know is if the shipping agent has the right to simply offload in Istanbul without prior advice và contrary to lớn what I was advised & what is reflected on the Bill of Lading.
Boniface Dominic: On 06 August 2019 I"m a importer and exporter license holder in India. One buyer for example from Dubai open LC transferable to lớn my company và I opened baông xã to lớn bachồng LC lớn seller in Kenya. How can I make bill of lading from the port of seller to lớn the port of buyer?

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