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Gestational age at the time of fetal echo diagnosis, fetal và neonatal anatomical check-up, fetal functional abnormalities & neonatal follow-up including postnatal echocardiography were evaluated.
The study was conducted by interviewing participants at the medical institutes where they received the check-up.
I have a medical check-up every two years & when necessary lớn ensure my health is in a good state.
Skills are mostly asked about in our check-up danh sách, just the following things: how they are doing with skiing & skating.
The subjects were 1034 examinees of a medical check-up, from aý muốn a total of 2230 people of 60 years & 65 years or older living in this community.
The nurses informed parents about the project when they brought their children for their regular 8-month scheduled check-up, attended by nearly 80% of all infants.
For example, in 1995-96, screening for chlamydia was included, in prenatal care and ultrasonographic screening for congenital hip dysplasia was made obligatory within the check-up program for children.
One reason for this may have sầu been that the training (emergency room procedures) và subsequent medical experience in which áp lực was measured (a medical check-up) were not the same.
Subjects were included if they were coming for their routine check-up visits, vaccinations, admissions for elective sầu surgeries or treatment of minor childhood diseases, such as respiratory infections or gastroenteritis.
They mail a separate voucher for every screening or check-up lớn all eligible members or family members (in addition to the usual permit, which enables them to receive sầu curative services).

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