Sneak Peek at WCA Finals 2015 inYinchuan

The Grand Finals of WCA 2015will be held in Ningxia International Hall from December 17th to December 20th, then many greatE-sports playersfrom all over the world will start a splendid match-ups in Yinchuan---“The Oasis in the Hinterland”. Numerous E-sportsfans have been looking forward to this greatevent. The author has an onsite visit to Ningxia International Hall and unveiled the mysterious finals of this gala for those who are interested in E-sport!

As landmark building, the Ningxia International Halllocated in Yuehai CBD of Yinchuan which faces the Yuihai and border upon the China-Arab States Boulevard. Its overall design just like a Hui-style hat and leaves an opening, passionate, hospitality impression for people who visited Ningxia from all over the world.2nd China-Expo Expo was held successfully there in September, 2015.

Li Tianqing, the Chief Director of WCA2015 Finals says the venue is designed in a dual rectangular shape, just like the “回”in Chinese which represents the Hui minority. The design of peripheral structure in iron mesh also refer to the hat and veil of Hui people, so it is very delicate and unique. In addition, this site is also very perfect in the hardware facilities, and the usable area the main venue reaches 5000 square meters. as everyone knows, the E-sport players have a high requirement for temperature. There also equipped with multiply high-quality heating installation to meet the demands of players.

It is learned that 627 top players from all over the world will start a match-ups in this great finals, many famous stars and commentaries also will present, and Board Games and Mobile Games will add color to this gala. At the same time, omni-channel competition broadcast live will be in video media both domestic and aboard.

Star-studded Cast

WThe Grand Finals of WCA 2015 has a eye-catching cast: as the spokesperson, Angelababy will bring a mysterious surprise to Yinchuan. Famous popular singer Jolin Tsai and Wilber Pan will present splendid performance, and other singers and group also add luster to this great event, such as Beibei from a very popular program---The Voice of China, and the champion of Avenue of Stars--Hao Ge.

In addition, beautiful and popular presenter Liu Yuxi, former CCTV sports caster, will work together with other two famous presenters, Shen Lin and Zhu Zhen, to host the opening ceremony and closing ceremony. Most of them already have relative experience of involving in WCA.

Triggered Match-ups

The Grand Finals of WCA 2015 concludes various games: Hearth Stone, Fight For Freedom, Passion Leads Army, COS, DOTA2, League of Legends, Cross Fire, Heroes of the Storm, Legends of the Three Kingdoms, World of Tanks, Warcraft 3 and so on. WCA covers all of hottest games and attracts a large number of top level players. 8 famous groups of LOL, IG, VG, RNG and Snake gather here and trigger a fierce battle. What kind of surprise they will give us? Just wait and see.

Moon, as the famous world level player of War3, return to the competition and he will come to grips with his familiar rivals again---Fly、Infi、TH000, will he create a new peak?

At present, oversea E-sport groups have arrived Yinchuan successively and they are preparing for the Finals all out. A series of fantastic matches are about to kick off.

Shooting Commentator, Sparkling Words

Besides the splendid competition and eye-catching stars, it is no doubt that commentators are the highlight of the competition. In this Grand Final, many famous commentators will give you a commentary feast in different ways, some of them are penetrating and profound, some of them are humorous and witty, and some of them are passionate and appealing.

Humorous commentators of Hearth Stone---Shaobangzhu and Erlong, affectionate couple commentators of DOTA ---Mumu and Laodang, professional and insightful commentator of LOL---Joker... They will light your aspiration and dream for E-sport.

World Wide E-sports, Board Game Shines on Arena

According to the staff of WCA organizing committee, as a professional international E-sports competition, WCA 2015 has wide and numerous followers and fans. We can be said Chess and card games ARE the most suitable games for mobile E-sport competition. In Grand Final, Hearth Stone, Legends of the Three Kingdoms, Texas Hold’em poker and other board games will come to stage. Furthermore, there is a experience area for Dou Di Zhu(Landlords), so people can enjoy SNG games at anytime when they have 6 players and grasp the great opportunity of getting prize.

Omni-channel, Enjoying Anytime, Anywhere

Live broadcast of WCA 2015 Grand Finals will be in all over the world, which includes taobao game, douyutv,, Zhanqi TV, Tencent Video, SOHU, PPTV and so on. among them, there are not only many top traditional luxury game live-broadcasting platform, but also many home theater plarform, such as Xiao TV and Wasu Media.

According to the WCA organizing committee,besides the wonderful competition, there are lottery drawing and experience activities, which make every fan, every player can get more prize and be involved in E-sports more. Expecting meeting you in Ningxia International Hall!

Brief Introduction of WCA

World Cyber Arena (WCA), founded in 2014, is a world wide E-sports competition whose slogan is “Hero’s Arena, Player’s Dreamland”. WCA is operated by Yinchuan municipal government and Yinchuan International Game Investment Co.Ltd. Through holding this international E-sports competition, organizing players training and establishing individual studio for outstanding players, WCA is devoted to promote the develpoment of E-sports competition and E-sports industry. Yinchuan, the capital city of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, is the permanent site for WCA.

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WCA America Tournament Overview

The World Cyber Arena 2015 kicks off with the North American qualifiers: Two separate events in the pro league invitational tournament and open qualifiers will dictate the advancing teams who will compete for over $3.8 million dollars in total prize money. The North American qualifiers will span over four games: Hearthstone, Crossfire, Dota 2, and Heroes of the Storm. The pro league qualifiers will culminate in a two-day LAN final at the ESL studio in Burbank, CA and the open qualifiers will end with a large, LAN event taking place at PAX Prime 2015 in Seattle, WA.

Upcoming Cups

Past Cups

What is World Cyber Arena?

World Cyber Arena (WCA) is one of the premier organizers of global eSports tournaments. In 2015, North America will host its qualifiers on four titles, with cash prizes on the line, as well as trips to the Finals in China and an invitation to compete for over $1.9 million in cash and prizes.